Friday, November 23, 2012

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Dear Reader,

Our current fund drive began just as Israel started to unleash its latest assault on Gaza. As the initial skirmishes escalated, reported what would eventually be forgotten thanks to the impenetrable pro-Israel media bias.

We were one of the first to inform our readers that, contrary to U.S. and Israeli claims, Israel wasn't relentlessly bombing Gaza in response to rocket fire into Israel. The latest fight began when a lull in cross-border violence was broken on Nov. 8 by Israeli tanks invading southern Gaza and shooting and killing a 13-year-old boy. Gaza militants responded by shooting an anti-tank missile at an IDF vehicle, wounding four soldiers.

The conflict then took a turn for the worse when Israel launched an airstrike on Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari, who was killed while acting as the lead negotiator for Hamasin an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire proposal. Israel rejected the peace deal and chose to escalate further.

The small crew of devoted peace-mongers who make up's editorial team followed this senseless, bloody conflict every step of the way, providing our readers with minute-to-minute news and in-depth analysis that is sadly absent from the mainstream.

We've worked hard to provide this service to our readers and to promote antiwar ideas to the public for almost 20 years. And now we need your help.

A few of our major donors have agreed to provide us with $28,000 to give a boost to our languishing fund drive, but only if you match that sum with smaller donations.

As this latest crisis illustrates,'s mission has never been more important. America's shameful support for Israel's aggression must continue to be exposed for what it is. European allies are beginning to provide arms directly to the Syrian rebels, and Obama's reelection has provided the administration with an opening of its own to impose regime change in Syria. Lies about nuclear weapons and war with Iran loom yet again. The State Department is in talks for a deal to keep troops in Afghanistan until 2024. And the U.S. continues to bomb civilians in Yemen and Pakistan almost daily, sowing the seeds of blow back with every drone.

Help us keep up the fight against these wars. We have a lot on our plate, but not enough in our pockets. We need the resources to continue to urge the American people to turn against their government's militarism. Donations to are tax deductible. So, instead of paying for Israeli war crimes in Palestine, instead of contributing to the Pentagon's gargantuan budgets, please give what you can for The mandate for has never been greater.

Please donate today!

John Glaser
Senior Editor
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