Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jennifer Loewenstein Returns to Gaza

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by Morley Evans

The latest push to exterminate the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has rekindled opposition to mass murder. Long-time peace activist, Jennifer Loewenstein has returned to the horror of the Gaza Strip with an essay in CounterPunch. Surely to God someone will listen this time.

A Living Hell

Death in Gaza, Déjà Vu

It is a recurring nightmare. The sounds and smells are so familiar; the tension in the air so thick that you can see it like the grit and grime that collects on your clothes and shoes after being outside for only a short while.  In July, sand blows in off the shore whipping its tiny grains across your face until your eyes sting shut with tears. Drones buzz in the night sky and tracer flares speed past like little comets. . . 

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