Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Invincible Smugness

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by Morley Evans

Hi Bill,

British Columbia has more libertarians than other Canadian provinces. I know most of them. Some think Barbara Amiel is a libertarian. B.C. has some west coast culture like California and no free-thinking survivalists like Idaho. I lived in Vancouver for three years. Saskatchewan is the home of Tommy Douglas. Here, people have been trained to think like good Soviet citizens. The ideal in Saskatchewan is to get a nice job working for the government. Job security and a lucrative pension are very important.  

Americans believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (or property). Canadians believe in peace, order and good government. Canadians suffer from invincible smugness. Canadians can see what is wrong with others, mostly Americans, but they cannot look in the mirror and see the same things about themselves. Canadians can see American shortcomings because Americans have pointed them out.

Some Americans can look in the mirror and say, "We need to fix that." Some Americans work hard to right wrongs. Some of the British are similar. Thomas Paine was an Englishman. Great Britain has a long line of social reformers. New Zealand and Australia have some people with a social conscience too. Many Canadians with a social conscience join the NDP and work assiduously to have the government take over everything. The Soviet Union and its neofeudalism is their ideal.

Like the United States of America, Canada enjoys a good reputation it does not deserve. Canada now has a majority Conservative government. The Prime Minister, Steven Harper, is a satrap of Washington's empire. He is a neocon. Like the U.S. Congress, Harper's first loyalty is to Israel. Québec stunned everyone a few weeks ago when everyone there voted NDP — for the very first time and possibly for the very last time. Quebeckers have done this before. They elected Diefenbaker and Mulroney by not voting Liberal. The NDP was as surprised as everyone else. The NDP won the lottery and became the Official Opposition. Quebecers have never forgotten that France was defeated in 1759 by the British Empire. They would vote this afternoon for independence. I think Québec could be the salvation of Canada. Québec is the reason Canada exists.

Québec? King George III told Québec to stick with Great Britain. He guaranteed their language, culture and religion. The King told Quebecers that they could not trust the Americans who talk about liberty but respect no one. George III told the Indians that North America was theirs and that the fur trade would continue as it had before in New France. He told the Americans to stay put on their side of the Proclamation Line: the Appalachians. You know what happened. It was the Anglo coterie in Montreal that broke the promise to Québec, not the King. They treated the French like unwanted guests in their own house. Canada was a colony of these people in Montréal who had colonized Québec. They became the Liberal Party of Canada. Canadians broke the promises made to Canadian Indians too. Canadian Indians have been treated worse than American Indians since 1900. Canadians are only now settling the treaties the Indians signed over a century ago. Most Canadians think Indians are welfare bums.

When the Parti Québécois won in 1976, Canada changed. The Anglos left Montréal and went to Toronto, which then became Canada's most important city. (Toronto always thought it was the most important city, of course.) The Liberal Party of Canada may be toast. It hasn't won west of Ontario for a long time, not since Trudeau. The Tories have now replaced the Liberals in Ontario and they hate the (federal) Liberals in Québec. The Parti Québécois may replace the Liberals in La belle province again. Separatism is alive and well. Canada may split or it may become a real federal country instead of a dictatorship run out of Ottawa that stays in power by playing Québec off against everyone else. 

Some refugees who come to Canada are surprised that Canada is not what they thought it was, others get a government job and Canadians pat themselves on the back for being so nice. My ideal is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am an oddball.

- Morley

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