Monday, June 13, 2011

Target Bin Laden

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by Morley Evans

A new iBook was just released called Target: Bin Laden.


Target Bin Laden: The Death and Life of Public Enemy Number One, by a powerhouse team at  ABC News, features the very best of ABC News’ coverage of the terrorist mastermind, bringing readers in to the early days of bin Laden and al Qaeda,  September 11, 2001, the war in Afghanistan,  and the massive manhunt for Osama bin Laden.  This special video enhanced eBook features a heart-stopping account of the 40 minutes that changed the world, delving into how an elite Navy Seals team -- and one warrior dog -- took down bin Laden in his compound. Target: Bin Laden also features a gripping account of the white-knuckle moments inside the White House Situation Room as President Obama and his security team watched the operation from Washington, and sheds light on the mother lode of intelligence found in bin Laden's lair. This groundbreaking ABC Video Book is packed with original reporting exclusives: ABC News footage from inside bin Laden's compound, excerpts from an exclusive ABC last-of-its kind interview with bin Laden, first person accounts, and gripping photos and video. Target: Bin Laden provides the details and reporting only ABC News can deliver. ABC Video Books: turning the page on storytelling.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY: This is just another propaganda exercise. Here are a few thoughts: Everything we know about this comes from the White House, the CIA and the Navy Seals themselves. Seventy-nine U.S. commandos swooped down in their helicopters on bin Ladin's "compound" and executed, Mafia style, an unarmed and defenseless bin Ladin, according to them. Then they took his body away and dumped it in the sea, according to them. It was all worth it, they claim, because they also took a "treasure trove" of intelligence exposing bin Ladin's world-wide Al Qaeda terrorist network. Don't you think bin Ladin, himself, was more valuable than anything else his killers could have found? What is much more likely is that bin Ladin was innocent of all charges and he was hiding afraid of being killed. That would have been exposed had he had a chance to talk and if he had had a trial. Was bin Laden innocent? Who knows? What you do know is that NOTHING said by the White House, the CIA and the U.S. military can be believed. That goes double for their mouthpieces in the media.

Think about this: If Washington decides to get rid of you, they can simply send some killers to bump you off. In fact, the Obama regime has already passed legislation that enables them to kill Americans (they could already "legally" kill other people). Washington is not different from any of the thugs they denounce. Most of the world's thugs work for them anyway. Why didn't they kill Castro, he doesn't work for Washington, does he? Even as an old man, Castro is more useful alive, than dead, so he does work for Washington. Castro is a very useful bogyman. Bin Ladin was more useful dead than alive — probably because he was innocent. Why are you safe? If you are safe, that is because like me you are not important. I can say anything I want because no one listens to me. I am useful too. They can say we have free speech and that we live in a democracy with laws that protect everyone equally.

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