Monday, June 27, 2011


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by Morley Evans

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The United States has always been an empire with ambitions to rule the world. There has always been tension between those who sincerely opposed empire (like Madison) and those who professed anti-imperialism while they worked to create empire (like Jefferson). George Washington revealed his true disposition to liberty when he personally led the troops to crush the whiskey rebellion: Americans, Washington believed, exist to pay their taxes, fight and die for the empire and support Washington, whose spirit survives today in the city that bears his name. Every President has supported Empire: Andrew Jackson, Polk, TR, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Bush I and Bush II, Clinton and Obama served and serve the Empire first and last. Let's not forget Lincoln, the Great Emancipator. The leaders of the South were not different. Those who love liberty can only hope that financial ruin will put an end to this soon. America supports the common people, democracy, minorities, women, human rights, the environment, and freedom, but America is actually "freeing the world to death." Don't be fooled. Empire means slavery, for you.

If Madison sincerely opposed empire, why did he start the War of 1812, the main purpose of which was to grab Canada? I'm not sure any of our presidents were truly anti-imperiallists.

Very true. All U.S. Presidents have worked to expand the U.S. empire, even Madison, who worked hard to see that the government would be constrained. Madison was Jefferson's partner and friend too. Madison helped with the Louisiana Purchase. The Empire has developed inexorably year-by-year, administration-by-administration. Like all organizations, the Empire has a life of its own. Organizations, like the people who work for them, die when outgo exceeds income. That happens when insufficient numbers want what they do. People stop buying what they are selling. That is what happened to the Soviet Union and to Rome too.
Warburg? Rothschild? Jews? While it is true that some Jews have had a prominent, though often hidden, hand in the Empire That Would Own and Rule Everything, they didn't invent the idea or the British Empire or the American Empire. They didn't invent banking and international finance, sneaky dirty dealing or war either. Fiends have only the power ordinary people give them. Just Say No. Don't enlist. Boycott their propaganda. Don't believe what they tell you. Think. Tell them to go to Hell.

Everything beyond Washington, DC, is Washington's empire. Americans and the 50 States are merely the original colonial subjects and colonies of the empire. Americans believe the United States is theirs. The United States, however, is owned by the people who have the power in Washington. The Civil War settled that once and for all. The United States is no different than any other empire.

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