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by Morley Evans

The pharmaceutical industry certainly does defend itself well. The anti-cholesterol campaign has been the most profitable pharmaceutical scheme ever. Dietary habits world-wide have been changed along with food production. Big Pharma has raked in zillions. Doctors, like Malcolm Kendrick, have little chance against the tsunami of money that floods the media and buys everyone off.

Your mention of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis reminds me of the early years of my eighteen-year-long Depraved HYPERCHOLESTEROLMANIA odyssey. My pain and other problems were a big mystery to my doctor (John N. Alport) who prescribed Zocor® to lower my cholesterol and to the pharmacist (Dean Ast) and his helpers who sold everything to me for years. My misery was certainly a mystery to me.

But my condition would have been no mystery to anyone who read the product monographs that come with Zocor® (Simvastatin), or with Mevacor® (Lovastatin) its predecessor. Physicians are instructed by Merck to immediately discontinue Zocor® "therapy" if a patient reports pain. Patients are advised by Merck that they should not discontinue Zocor® themselves because, "ONLY YOUR DOCTOR HAS THE TRAINING TO WEIGH THE RISKS AND BENEFITS OF A PRESCRIPTION DRUG FOR YOU." (Doctors are trained by the pharmaceutical companies. On top of that, Statin Drugs cause diminished cognition so a patient's mind is impaired by the drug while it destroys his body.) Pfizer has exactly the same warnings for Lipitor® (Artorvastatin) that was prescribed by Annandale when he took over from Alport. Before I started taking Zocor® in 1992, Alport told me, "There are no side effects and new benefits are being discovered all the time. Zocor® prevents Alzheimer's. Take it like a vitamin pill."

I reported EXTREME pain the first day I took Zocor® and the first day I took Lipitor®. I was in pain every day and night for eight years. I saw my doctors regularly all the years I was taking Zocor® and Lipitor®. They prescribed lots of Elavil® (Amitriptyline); Voltaren SR® (Diclofenac), Naproxen® and other NSAIDs; sleeping pills; Hydroxyzine®; Dexedrine®; Ranitidine®; Andriol® and more (!) to deal with the symptoms that were caused by the Statin Drugs they had prescribed as well as a few things that they thought I should try out. Alport also referred me to physiotherapists, a rheumatologist and a psychologist who said, "it's all in your head." My medical problems, which they created, were — and still are  — a big joke to them. This is standard medical practice in Regina, SK, Canada. I have over sixty years of experience with doctors here. This was the worst.


But I didn't die.

I discovered why I had been sick from a CBS newscast about the recall of Baycol®, fifteen months after I had come out of a coma in June 2000.

Over the past eleven years I have worked to regain my health and to find justice — meaning restitution and changes to prevent this from happening to others. My cholesterol is still through the roof (9.6 mmol/L), yet I am healthier today than I have ever been in my life, proving cholesterol does not matter. I may live another sixty years. Besides optimizing my health, I have also discovered that there is no justice in Canada, despite Canadians' well-known smugness about what a great country Canada is. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies in Canada can do anything they want with complete immunity. I think what I have learned about developing good health and about Canada itself is pretty interesting.

Unlike most other patients, I kept a detailed log of what happened to me. I know who did what and where and when it was done. If one accepts that the doctors and pharmacists were ignorant of the side effects of Statin Drugs, as they pretended, I was the victim of two double-blind clinical trials of Statin Drugs, one on Zocor® that lasted six years and one on Lipitor® that lasted four months. I have a letter from the office of the President of Merck Frosst telling me pharmaceutical companies are prevented by law from helping the people their products have harmed. You can read that letter and all about medicine in Regina and Canada on my CD, Depraved HYPERCHOLESTEROLMANIA.

Perhaps no one else cares what these criminals do. Most of their victims are dead and silent, everyone else in Canada is bamboozled by their bullshit or corrupted by their lucre. But things soon will change anyway because the Canadian health care system — which is the worst in the world, because it is completely unresponsive to feedback and is firmly connected to the public trough — is collapsing around our ears. The medical parasite sucks up half of the Canadian Budget [1] and it wants more. The Canadian Medical Association, its creature, the Canadian Medical Protective Association, the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and the rest of the corrupt structure of Canadian health care will not be part of the new health care system that will be created when the dust settles.

What cannot go on forever does not go on forever.

Roy Romanow, the former Premier of Saskatchewan, who is a lawyer who never practiced law, continues to be paid millions to make suggestions that will improve Canadian healthcare. How nice for him. They might as well convene the coven and sacrifice a goat to their god. A pox on them. You can develop good health and enjoy long life with nutrition and exercise, if you stay away from these morons.

- Morley Evans

The Economist described the scope of the challenge:

Health spending, which is administered by the provinces, has increased from nearly 35% of their budgets in 1999 to 46% today. In Ontario, the most populous province, it is set to reach 80% by 2030, leaving pennies for everything else the government does, not counting tax increases or new federal transfers. The biggest culprit is prescription drugs, which have seen their share of public-health spending triple since 1980.

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