Monday, August 20, 2012

a Masterpiece of Deceit

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by Morley Evans

The package insert for Zocor is a masterpiece of deceit.

Anyone carefully reading this package insert would not take this poison. Doctors are not cautious. They disregard these very serious warnings and prescribe Statins by the handsful anyway. Doctors try to keep "patients" on Statins whatever they say. Healthy people are turned into patients by the doctors and the drugs they prescribe. The black box warning here implies the "patient" has asked the doctor for a Statin. Of course: pharmaceutical companies spend millions to advertise drugs to get people to ask doctors for drugs. With this, the drug company shifts responsibility to the "patient" who is then told "ONLY YOUR DOCTOR HAS THE TRAINING TO WEIGH THE RISKS AND BENEFITS OF A PRESCRIPTION DRUG FOR YOU." The doctor was trained by the pharmaceutical company which shifts responsibility to the doctor. The pharmaceutical company can point to this package insert (and does) and claim everyone was warned by the drug company which is not responsible for what happens to the "patient". This is a perfect example of the deceitful nature of the pharmaceutical industry and everyone involved: pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics. Money comes first and last. Health is not a consideration.

Pharmaceutical medicine is a vast criminal empire.

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