Thursday, August 2, 2012

Statin Drugs: Do they work?

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by Morley Evans

Statin Drugs: Do they work? Yes, absolutely! Statins definitely work! Don't let anyone tell you they don't work. Statins lower your serum cholesterol. They really do that without question. Thousands - possibly millions - of blood tests prove statins lower serum cholesterol.

Do you benefit when your serum cholesterol is lowered? No. There is absolutely no benefit whatsoever to anyone except the pharmaceutical industry that sells statin drugs and makes billions of dollars annually doing it. For anyone who is actually taking statins, however, they are being poisoned and killed one cell at a time.

Many taking statins suffer myopathy, myalgia, polyneuropathy, dementia, insomnia, itching, hair loss, dysphagia, rhabdomyolysis, chronic fatigue, cataracts, arthritis, myositis, global amnesia, blindness, heart attack, impotence, cancer, stroke and death. The majority of statin drugs users experience no symptoms, but all will die of apoptosis because the cells in their bodies (every last one of them) are damaged by statin drugs.

Some may argue that death is not actually a side effect. We won't get into that here.

Anyone who thinks the pharmaceutical industry needs more money should definitely be taking statin drugs. We recommend such people make an appointment, march right in and demand their doctor prescribe statin drugs as well as as many pharmaceutical drugs as they need to help them live with any side effects that develop. We don't know what the pharmaceutical industry has to relieve death but it probably has something.

Do not be put off if your doctor warns you about side effects or tells you that no study in the last fifty years and none before that has ever demonstrated that statin drugs benefit women, or men who have not had a heart attack. Your doctor may tell you that the tiny benefit that drug trials have shown for men who have suffered a heart attack may have nothing to do with lowering cholesterol and that any benefits come with the statin drugs effects noted above.

You don't have to listen to negative advice. Report your doctor to the authorities. Are you pregnant with high cholesterol? Demand your rights! In the United Kingdom you can now buy Zocor™ as an over-the-counter drug, just like Aspirin™ or Tylenol™. What could be safer?

The pharmaceutical companies themselves warn pregnant and lactating mothers not to take statins. As medical doctors in good standing with authorities will tell you, pharmaceutical companies only put warnings on package inserts to avoid lawsuits. You can ignore those warnings, they say.

The pharmaceutical industry is a world-wide colossus worth trillions of dollars. Nobel Laureates support the cholesterol hypothesis. If you can't trust them, who can you trust? The pharmaceutical industry employs hundreds of thousands of hard-working people from medical researchers to lawyers. Support medical professionals and lawyers. Support economic growth. If you think the pharmaceutical industry should have more money, don't say no to statin drugs whatever they do to you.


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