Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Pharma

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by Morley Evans

How big is Big Pharma? Wikipedia lists $445.3 billion world-wide as the combined total of the 12 largest pharmaceutical companies not all of which are on the Fortune 500 list which includes only American companies. The Fortune 500 lists Exxon-Mobile as the largest company with revenues of 452,926.0 million or 452.9 billion. That makes Big Pharma's top 12 as big as Exxon-Mobile. Both lists are shown in US dollars. Both lists show gross revenues. Both lists are for 2012.

How big is Big Pharma? It is big, of course, but let's not get carried away. Fortune lists Exxon-Mobile as #1 and Walmart as #2. But Wikipedia lists Royal Dutch Shell as #2. That is because Royal Dutch Shell is not an American company and is not included on the Fortune 500.

figures are in millions

Merck is #9 on the Wikipedia list, but Merck keeps more money ($13,024) than Johnson and Johnson which is #1 ($12,266). Sanofi which keeps 8,471 Euros or $10,879.77 would rank third after Merck and Johnson & Johnson.

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