Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pharmaceutical Medicine

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By Morley Evans

Canadian doctors were made a privileged caste in 1867, a few months after Confederation, when the Canadian Medical Association was established in Montréal to create a monopoly for its members across Canada. The CMA has viciously hammered its rivals for over a century. In 1901, the CMA established the CMPA (Canadian Medical Protective Association) to protect CMA members from prosecution. No case is successfully brought against any Canadian doctor, whatever he does. This monstrosity grew in the twentieth century in partnership with the pharmaceutical companies. Dealing with them is very difficult, but the medical paradigm is shifting as people slowly begin to see pharmaceutical medicine for what it is, a monster that is sucking them dry without a care for anything but money and power. These people are in the same business as the Mafia. They are worse because most people still think they are respectable. The emergence of the health food industry and practitioners of "alternative medicine" is an indication that people are unsatisfied with what doctors, hospitals and drug stores provide. Doctors, themselves, are defecting. Canadian governments can no longer pay the rising bills pharmaceutical medicine presents for payment. Victims like you and me and hundreds of thousands more, are beginning to find ways to air their muzzled grievances with pharmaceutical medicine and the legal/legislative/propaganda system that protects it. The entire system is ready to collapse. They are only in it for the money. They could not care less about the harm they do. Health is not important to pharmaceutical medicine. Pharmaceutical medicine is a racket. The sooner people understand that, the better.

Merck & Co., Inc. the pharmaceutical company which foisted Statin Drugs onto the world, says it is "A global healthcare leader working to help the world be well." This is a complete lie.  Statin Drugs, for one, have deliberately poisoned hundreds of millions of people around the world. They have destroyed lives and killed for no reason other than enriching pharmaceutical companies who fall over themselves to get some of the action. Pharmaceutical medicine's real business is international drug trafficking through its stooges, doctors.

Respectable doctors are having doubts. Some are getting out.

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very nice blog..Pharmaceutical medicine is the medical aspect of marketing of medicine for benefit of patients and public health..This blog focus on real fact about pharma industry and why entire system is going to collapse,what are reason behind this situation etc..

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