Saturday, April 9, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Dear Dr. Hardy,


FYI, Mike, I recorded my Blood Pressure at Shoppers Drug Mart and at home over the years. I posted the entries on my Blog and compiled them yesterday. (see figure below)

I fired Dr. William Edward Harvie (WEH) “Bill” Alport, MD, in 1978, after another event that finally convinced me that my best interests were of no concern to him. Depraved Indifference was the hallmark of Dr. Bill's life.  

For 14 years, I avoided doctors altogether. Then I made a mistake. In December 1991, my brother persuaded me to see his best friend in the whole wide world, Dr. John N. Alport, MD. (They had become bosom buddies when they met in Grade Two.) John was starting another new practice. This was his third since he became a doctor. John needed some patients my brother told me. I could help him out, my brother thought. "John can help you with your fitness program. He has something new." I went. Dr. John N. Alport, MD, prescribed Zocor®. That mistake would take the next twenty years out of my life. (1992-2012 and counting)

My next encounter with medicine began in April 2007 when I decided to go to Dr. Carmela Giocoli, an optometrist, for some new glasses. What harm could she do, I thought. That new chapter in my on-going medical malpractice saga started in December 2013 a few weeks before Christmas with a present from Dr. Ryan Eidsness, MD, an ophthalmologist specializing in Glaucoma screening and treatment. I had been referred to him by both Dr. Giocoli and Dr. Bakouris. You know the story

Love to Sati,
- Morley


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