Saturday, April 23, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Medical malpractice is the “elephant in the room” here. The link in the previous sentence will take you to multiple examples. Canada is supposed to have a first class medical system with some of the world’s best doctors. Canada does have some good doctors. Medical care in Canada is free. That’s what everyone believes. People don’t want to hear about anything that conflicts with their most cherished belief. Very few people seek the truth, especially if that costs them something. Most people "get along by going along." That is a universal truth. 

In fact, the Canadian medical system is NOT free. It is extremely expensive. Canadians do not pay anything directly for medical services. Canadians do not need to have medical insurance. Canadians can go to any doctor they want to see anytime they choose to see him, more or less. Doctors choose who they will see. Doctors bill the government.

This is a great system for doctors! It is especially good for general practitioners who act as if they know everything about everything. Specialists don't pretend to know everything. Doctors love Canadian medicine as much as patients love it! In fact, doctors commonly have patients booked to see them every few weeks. Patients often see several doctors at the same time. Doctors always prescribe something after every examination. Examinations take only a few minutes after which the doctor knows all.

Patients can be taking multiple pharmaceutical products at the same time! Most prescription drugs are on provincial drug plans. Drugs are free too! Pharmaceutical companies love Canada. What could be better for them. Canada is a nation of drug addicts. The drug barons don't need to worry about prosecution. What a great system Canadians have!

Are you beginning to see anything that might be wrong?

Medicare is Canada’s number one expense. In Saskatchewan, the government spends as much on medicare as everything else combined and the cost keeps going up. In Ontario, Canada's largest province, medicine is projected to take 80% of the provincial budget in a few years.

Organized medicine in Canada has usurped the law. Doctors cannot be sued. Lawyers will not accept malpractice cases and judges dismiss every case that does manage to find its way into court. The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons decide whether a doctor should be disciplined. They can revoke a doctor’s privileges and suspend his license to practice medicine for things like “sexual misconduct” and “unprofessional conduct” whatever they decide those things might be.

The Colleges will not help a patient get any money. That is the very first thing they tell anyone who inquires thinking the Colleges must be interested in quality medicine. Money is their number one interest.

Quality medicine is not a priority of Organized Medicine in Canada. Medicine is a club. Organized Medicine is interested in the well being of its members, doctors. Organized Medicine has no interest in patients. Governments have no interest in patients either. So much for Canada as the world's best country.

It is not surprising that nobody is interested in reports of malpractice.  I have 68 years of documented examples of malpractice. I am unusual because they haven’t managed to kill me yet. Most victims of malpractice are dead. You won't hear them complain. Most wouldn't complain, even if they could. "My doctor did everything he could," they would say.

Things have been this way since 1901. They would be even worse than they are if there were no good honest men and women practicing medicine in Canada. They sometimes correct what bunglers do. If you are lucky you'll find a good doctor. If you are not lucky, they have a toe tag with your name on it.

Given the choice between believing the lies they believe and the truth, Canadians choose to believe lies. I don’t take it personally, myself. It’s just business. I do want some heads on pikes, of course. I want some cash too. How much do I want? They owe me, personally, for almost sixty-eight years of pain and suffering plus punitive damages and loss of income. France may still have a used guillitine they could loan us.

They owe something to millions more, of course. Things have been adding up in Canada since 1901. That's when the Canadian Medical Association established the Canadian Medical Protective Association to protect doctors. That's 115 years. How much do they have? Not enough? We'll take what they have. Everything. It's only fair. After authority and prestige, which they will also lose, money is what they most love.

Doctors are supposed to help sick people. That's their job.  That's what they are paid to do. Organized medicine is supposed to ensure quality patient care. The medical industry has its priorities reversed.

Canadian Law is a scandal. Canadian lawyers have allowed organized medicine to subvert justice in Canada for almost the entire history of the country. Canadian judges are lawyers who have been appointed by Premiers and the Prime Minister. Until recently, most elected legislators were lawyers. Today, more members of the propaganda industry (who call themselves "journalists") are being elected. Governments obey the "Will of the People" of course.

Q: Why are Canadians so smugly proud of themselves? A: They are trained by the ruling élite to think that Canada is the "best country in the world." More on this later.

Dissenting views are ignored. Dissidents are squashed under foot by the elephant in the room. No one hears them scream. Canadians turn their backs and walk away. Canada is not the nice place everyone thinks it is. "First Nations" Indians know better. They and the Métis were shipped to oblivion in 1867. The French did somewhat better. I'm English, myself, but I'm not part of the 1%. Are you?

Complaining about the elephant in the room ensures one will have no friends or support. People who are harmed by doctors are harmed by the rest of society by being shunned. Victims of doctors are harmed twice. So much for Canada as the world's best country.

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