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by Morley Evans

Fukushima Daiichi

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Japan

Map of Fukushima Daiichi area

Things are often not what they seem. Here is an exposé of yet another event that has been presented as something completely different than it really was. Anyone who has been following the long trail of lies told by the mainstream media will have no problem accepting that one more big lie has been told. Personally, I don't believe anything they say. If they tell me the time of day, I check my watch. If they say it's raining, I look out the window. BE VERY SKEPTICAL.

Last night on CBC "Canada's News Network," (CNN, get it?) Susan Ormiston reported on the miserable conditions in St. Petersburg, Russia. Russia is always a miserable place: it is dark, it is cold, homeless people are trudging through snow drifts to get a bowl of soup and sleep under a blanket in a tent. So depressing. It is always winter in Russia. It is alway night too. People are always miserable in Russia. Guess what? It is late spring in Russia: same as here! Last night the temperature in St. Petersburg was 70°F or 21°C. There was no snow! Today it is 82°F or 28°C. NO SNOW. SUNSHINE!

Does the media lie?

Can you see the picture above? An earthquake of 9.0 with its epicenter 43.5 miles away would have leveled everything in the picture before the tsunami ever got there. But the tsunami everyone saw on TV rolled over the seawall that was undamaged. The buildings pictured above were still there. Everyone saw them on CBC TV. They were undamaged. A spokesman with a thick Scottish accent from Chalk River, one of Canada's nuclear reactors, told us how smart the Japanese are. The Japanese build stuff that is unaffected by earthquakes and tsunamis, he confidantly told everyone. 

The reactors were damaged a day later by the mishap that has turned into a nuclear disaster. The Scotsman from Chalk River was never heard from again. The reactors were damaged but not by the earthquake. Nothing anywhere was damaged by the earthquake. The tsunami rolled inland swamping undamaged structures. You saw it yourself on TV.  Is that not what you saw? But you were told something different was happening. The news guys were reading a script someone wrote for them, as always. The news guys are presenters, not journalists.


Biggest Earthquakes Ever Recorded

Kobe Earthquake: 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake

Kobe Earthquake 1995 6.8 on the Richter scale

2004 Indian Ocean 9.1 Earthquake

The scenes that were televised of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami were from Thailand because they were dramatic. The epicenter of the earthquake was on the other side of Sumatra, Indonesia, far away. There was no evidence of an earthquake in Thailand and the tsunami was a complete surprise. The Fukushima earthquake epicenter was only 70 km (43.5 miles) off the coast of Japan. It was supposedly the largest earthquake ever recorded (9.0). Yet there was no damage from the earthquake. Parts of Sumatra, on the other hand, were devastated by the 2004 earthquake as Kobe was devastated by the earthquake in 1995. Earthquakes damage things. Were places thousands of miles from Fukushima affected by that earthquake as were places on the other side of the Indian Ocean, like Sri Lanka, in 2004

Was the Fukushima tsunami artificially created? It is suspicious. There is evidence of Zionist skullduggery. Read on.


Courtesy of

Former NSA analyst, Jim Stone, argues that there was no mag 9.0 earthquake. The tsunami was caused by nuclear bombs in the sea and the Fukushima explosion and meltdown was caused by mini-nukes hidden in cameras installed by an Israeli security firm. The motive: punish Japan for offering to enrich Iranian uranium and straying from Illuminati diktat. This website reserves judgment but offers this introduction by James Farganne in the spirit of free discussion.  


by James Farganne


When we compare the 
 6.8-magnitude earthquake which devastated Kobe, Japan January 17, 1995 with Fukushima, the evidence does not stack up.

A quick Google Images search of Kobe reveals incredible destruction of buildings, bridges, elevated highways, and other infrastructure.

The Fukushima quake, magnitude 9.0, struck about 70 km off the coast of Japan on 
March 11, 2011.

It sent a 15-meter tsunami crashing over perfectly undamaged bridges, houses, roads, and cars -- over a populace which had not been warned of the incoming tsunami, because there was no mag 9.0 earthquake. They were taken completely off-guard. Yet helicopters were waiting, and people all over Japan got to watch the tsunami roll in on live TV.

What on earth was going on? Ordinarily, the Japanese people are warned of tsunamis. Why weren't they warned? Why was there no structural damage, no reason for them to suspect that a tsunami was coming?

The quake must have seemed like nothing special to a nation of people who are used to quakes. In a video taken in one Tokyo newsroom during the Fukushima quake, staff were seen to continue typing at their computer stations, totally unfazed by it.

A 9.0-magnitude earthquake is more than 100 times stronger than a 6.8. A 9.0 should have devastated everything within a 1,000-km radius. There should have been widespread urban carnage, even worse than what Kobe suffered.

Yet the Fukushima quake of 3/11/11 did not cause a single structure to collapse.



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