Tuesday, April 5, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Mind-control is the ultimate goal of people who want to be on the top and stay on the top. Force and fear have a limited utility. The 99% need to l-o-v-e their owners, the 1%. 

As George Carlin said, "They own you. They own everything." Keep in mind that the 1% is a class. There is fierce competition within the class. Top dog is a dangerous position for every top dog. You could ask Stalin, Hitler, any king, or any capo di tutt'i capi.

WW III is on right now. Does war ever stop? War can be hot. War can be cold. One theatre of operations today is Syria. Another is finance $$$$. Another is the Internet. What can you believe?

Broadcasting was taken over long ago. Books, magazines and newspapers were taken over before that. Here is an article that might help you to understand what is happening.


I don’t have any more secret information than you do. I don’t have access to any of the backrooms that matter, and I don’t get leaks from “informed sources.” I do, however, have experience with protecting data and with a variety of things “crypto.”
So, what I’m telling you now isn’t verifiable… but it’s very close to accurate.

The Missing Piece

When looking at the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, we are impelled to look for explanations. And to do this, we generally rely on stories we get from mass-media corporations. We all know the news is worked over before it reaches us, but it’s really almost all we have, and the live video they show is probably actual live video. From these minimal facts, we fill in the gaps as best we can.
Some of us are quick to attribute these evils to our favorite secret cabal. Others blame government policies, clashes of cultures, and so on. None of these are necessarily wrong, but neither are they automatically right. To be believed, a theory needs evidence.
And in this particular puzzle, there is a missing piece. It doesn’t explain why the attacks happened (Muslim crazies, false flags, two more intel failures, whatever), but it explains a good deal of what’s happened from the moment of the attacks onward.

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