Sunday, June 27, 2010

Are We The Worst?

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by Morley Evans

We think we are the best. People always think they are good. It is always the other people who are bad. Are we really the worst? Consider these few facts (and there are more):

In the sixteenth century, the "surplus population" of Scotland, Wales and England was bonked on the head, thrown onto ships and sent on a one-way trip to the plantations, which were the Bahamas and the Carolinas. Most of them lived short miserable lives in the New World. White slaves are not even remembered today.

After black slaves started being imported from Africa, whites who were runaways and even those who had been emancipated, became "white trash". Of course they would not want to remember slavery. They would want to imagine they were as good as the rich white people who lived in the big house on the hill, who owned everything.

Africans were cheaper and easier to control than whites. Africans were completely disoriented when they came; they had been ripped out by the roots and taken to a different world where they were treated like cattle; they had no families; they did not know the language; they could not blend in and hide if they ran away because they had black skin.

The "white trash" and the blacks were natural allies. To prevent a unified revolt against their oppressors, racism was cultivated from the beginning to turn whites and blacks against each other. Divide and Conquer works.

The "surplus population" of Great Britain was also sent to Australia. They were called "convicts" to make deportation legitimate.

The "surplus population" was enlisted into the British Army and the Royal Navy. They were used to establish and maintain the British Empire.

My grandfather joined the British Army when he was sixteen to go to the Boer War. He was given a 1/4 Section near Glenavon, Saskatchewan after the war. My grandfather never returned to England nor did he have any communication with anyone there, not even with his own family. He had nothing in England. He prospered in Canada where he became a Ford dealer in a small town. My grandfather was always proud of being English. He and my grandmother both loved England. They were English.

The greatest crimes are and have always been committed by the State. Most people are law-abiding most of their lives. More than a few leave this mortal realm without even having told a lie. People generally are blameless unless they have been conscripted into the service of the State.

We live in the Anglo American empire which has been the top dog for about a thousand years (the current American empire is merely a new mask on an old face). All the other dogs came and went. We definitely believe we are good. We cannot even imagine that we are the worst. That would be unthinkable.

God save the Queen.

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