Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hamas Rockets

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by Morley Evans

Zionism is the racist paranoiac ideology upon which the so-called State of "Israel" was founded. That means that all Israeli leaders with the possible exception of Yitzhak Rabin were and are racist paranoiacs. Shortly after Rabin uttered the fateful words, "The Bible is not a land deed," Rabin was assassinated. Rabin would not have risen to the top had he believed that earlier. The cornerstone of the Israeli state is, of course, that the Bible is a land deed. The foundation which supports the superstructure of anti-Semitism which is behind the entire rational for a "Jewish" state is the idea that everyone hates Jews qua Jews and that they will only find safety inside the state that Zionism has carved out of Palestine. Paranoia is an essential part of "Israel". So is hate. The rockets fired from Gaza provide fuel to drive the current campaign there against the Palestinians. Leaving aside, for now, the idea of anti-Semitism, what about these particular rockets?

Were there no Hamas rockets, there would be something else. They are paranoiacs, remember? Zionism is antithetical to Judaism. Zionists are not Jews. Jews are the children of God who follow His commandments, the Torah. Zionists are the children of someone else.

Our governments have for decades given these people billions annually along with unlimited support in the United Nations and weapons including nuclear devices. "Israel" uses this support to threaten and attack its neighbours and to terrorize the Palestinians whose land the Zionists have remorselessly stolen, bit by bit, over the past 130 years. Critics here in the "Free World" have been stifled, smeared, disgraced, fired, blacklisted, imprisoned, deported and even killed. Why do you think people like Helen Thomas hold their tongues until they are ready to retire, or die? Who is certifiably insane, the Israelis or us? Both, you say? Correct. Remember this the next time you vote or watch another public lynching.

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