Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Divide and Conquer

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by Morley Evans

According Wikipedia, the Haredi are the most hated religious groups in Israel. Ironically, they are the real Jews. It is easy to see Zionism for what it really is when compared to the "Ultra Orthodox" Jews who are called that name by their enemies. The Neturei Karta would have the so-called Jewish State peacefully dismantled with Palestine returned to its rightful owners, the Palestinians. Everyone would live under Sharia law. Would that work?

Just imagine that things were better for everyone in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Arabia and Turkey when the Ottomans ran things. Persia (now called Iran) was not part of the Ottoman Empire. Persia is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Persian history stretches back to the dawn of time. Our own history stretches back to last week.

Remember the Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984? Visitors marveled that all the ethnic groups had happily lived together for centuries. Amazing. A few years later, they were all killing each other. I wonder, did we have anything to do with that? Turning one group against another is what we do very well. Look again at Iraq. The British were very good at this before the Americans took over. The British colonial formula was: Divide and Conquer. Foment chaos and then "step in to restore order," choosing the smaller group to rule the larger group for their colonial masters. In Iraq, the British installed a Sunni king, Faisal, to control the Shia majority so the British could pump oil. In Jordan, the British installed Faisal's brother, Abdullah. Those who fight back are always called "rebels", "militants" and "terrorists" because they have no right to fight the so-called legitimate rulers who were installed by the colonial power. Is that not what has been happening still? Are we not doing that in the edges of the former Soviet Union? Is that not what Israel tried to set up with Arafat? Was Mubarak not installed by the CIA to run Egypt after Sadat (who had been a CIA asset, himself) was assassinated? The list goes on and on. It is a dismal story.

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