Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Great Cholesterol Con

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by Morley Evans

The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is splendid! Kendrick is funny as well as insightful.

After demolishing conventional theory about diet and heart, paying particular attention to cholesterol, Dr. Kendrick concludes that Statin drugs are of no use to women or to men who do not have heart disease -- according to the studies that everyone has used to build the anti-cholesterol empire which has earned hundreds of billions of dollars for some pharmaceutical companies. The conclusions that have been reached are contradicted by the studies themselves. What has happened has all been driven by vast amounts of money. Statins benefit fewer than 5% of the population and for them Statins can only add a few months to their lives if they already have heart disease, according to the studies. This benefit is due to something other than lowering cholesterol, but what? Detracting from nebulous benefits are a superabundance of side-effects. A vast financial empire cannot be built on a foundation like that. Now, can it?

(This leads us to the uncomfortable realization that someone is lying, doesn't it? Can vast numbers of experts be lying? Yes, they can. This is exactly the same phenomenon as Global Warming which is also a vast industry powered by vast amounts of money that has corrupted vast numbers of academics while enriching pseudoscientists like Al Gore, who is a politician, not a scientist, and David Suzuki, who is a broadcaster, not a scientist. Even the Nobel Committee has been corrupted, imagine!)

Dr. Kendrick makes the case that heart disease is created by unhealthy stressors which lead to HPA-axis dysfunction which leads to abnormal cortisol levels which leads to factors that damage the endothelium as well as factors that increase blood clotting leading to plaque growth and heart disease. That's not as simple as cholesterol clogging arteries, is it?

How can one avoid Coronary Heart Disease? Abundant fruits and vegetables, exercise, moderate alcohol consumption, and gracious living are the keys to being healthy. Avoid sugar and tobacco; drink water; sleep 8 hours a night. Never eat on the run. I would add sunshine, or supplementation, for Vitamin D. Everybody used to know this before the "research-based" pharmaceutical companies took over when our grandmothers departed.

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