Thursday, June 17, 2010

Medical Misconduct

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by Morley Evans

Dr. Poon keeps appearing on the front page of the Leader-Post. Without judging his case, I can say that doctors do sometimes misbehave. Kipling's Dr. Schneeberger (in Saskatchewan) was eventually deported to South Africa after one of his victims made a Herculean effort to get justice. She should get a medal. Yesterday, I learned that Dr. Alramadan in Grenfell, Australia, is accused of doping his patient so he could have sex with her. I have always been well served by the doctors at the clinic Dr. Poon operates. I wish I could say that about other clinics and hospitals in Regina where I have been grossly misserved to put it mildly. Sexual misconduct is only the tip of the iceberg of medical care in Regina and across Canada where misconduct, errors, incompetence and criminal behaviour have been routinely covered up for over a century, thanks to the Canadian Medical Association and its attack dog, the Canadian Medical Protective Association. Impunity is the Canadian medical tradition. Justice is rare and a trip to the doctor is exactly like playing Russian Roulette when a system is bereft of all quality control and corruption is endemic.

The odds are in Dr. Poon's favour but sex does sell. Who knows what will happen. Going to Court is like playing Russian Roulette too. Whatever does happen will have little to do with truth or justice and much to do with luck.

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