Monday, January 14, 2013

American Empire

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posted by Morley Evans

Here in Canada, I had never heard of Henry Wallace, oddly enough. Wallace was FDR's Vice President during Roosevelt's third term in office. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a tricky customer, so we cannot be too sure what he had in mind. But I do think Roosevelt, like Woodrow Wilson and nearly all Americans, believed that the world would be a better place without the British Empire and other empires and monarchies. I think they really believed they were for the common man and that the United States really was, and is, "the last best hope of mankind." All the empires, except The British Empire and The Empire of Japan were wiped out by 1918. True, the French believed they still had an empire until they lost Algeria in 1962 and the Belgians thought they had an empire until they lost the Congo in 1960 but both empires were long gone before. The British and Japanese were finished off by 1945 with WW II. As Roosevelt said, "Nothing in politics is an accident." Henry Wallace, as a leftist who championed the common man, would have been in the American mainstream which is anti-imperial and anti-war. Remember all those Frank Capra movies? So from where comes the U.S. Empire, the empire that does not think it is an empire? This is the source: using evil to eliminate evil must result in evil. I have no doubt that Roosevelt would have felt closer to the Soviet Union than to the British Empire (He would have overlooked the evils of Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin). Churchill felt that he was the odd-man-out in WW II and he knew the light was growing dim on his beloved British Empire. (The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were both immune to the Great Depression. Try to imagine that the Great Depression was engineered by Wall Street and the Fed to prepare the American people to fight WW II which would establish the U.S. world-wide empire. That is what we had with the Truman years — the Zenith of that empire. The long slow slide down the slippery slope had already begun when Eisenhower became the POTUS in 1953.)

Here are some links to Olive Stone's The Untold History of the United States. They are on YouTube. Showtime is an American channel that is not available in Canada.

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