Sunday, January 20, 2013

Canadian Medicine

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by Morley Evans

Dear Tanya,

Here is a short list that you could consider:
  1. as I previously noted, CMPA stands for Canadian Medical Protective Association (It protects doctors.)
  2. the CMPA is not an insurance company
  3. the CMPA was created by the CMA, the Canadian Medical Association, in 1901
  4. the CMA was established in Montréal by a few doctors several months after Confederation in 1867. They wanted to ensure that doctors were paid.
  5. the CMA has always been concerned with money and power — not health or quality.
  6. both associations operate from the premise that doctors never make mistakes and that God or patients are always to blame for problems.
  7. every patient who tries to sue a doctor is merely trying to get something she or he is not entitled to having, according to the CMA and the CMPA
  8. an unhappy patient (or his or her family) who tries to sue is greedy
  9. doctors must belong to the CMA and the CMPA or they cannot practice medicine in Canada. They enjoy a monopoly.
  10. the CMPA does not appear in court records as being involved in the defence of doctors, it pays the lawyers whose names do appear as representing the defendants
  11. the CMPA sometimes "settles out of court" with patients it decides might have a legitimate case against a doctor
  12. all settlements come with a gag order to protect the guilty
  13. doctors put their own interests and those of fellow doctors ahead of everyone else — patients and their families come last
  14. doctors and their organizations are protected by lawyers and judges, legislatures, the media and most importantly — by public opinion
  15. CMPA fees started being paid by Canadian taxpayers when doctors started grumbling about increases they had to pay
  16. initiates (young doctors) and patients are unaware of the true nature of medicine
  17. your doctor does not care about you — at all. The acid test is money. Ask your doctor to write a cheque to compensate you for something he did or failed to do. You will find out, pronto.
The CMA and the CMPA are criminal organizations of the first order.

It may be possible to reform Canadian medicine, but I have my doubts. Aggrieved parties can not expect to get justice in Canada. The CMA and the CMPA along with their members are above the law in Canada. What is left for Canadians? Canadians can drain the swamp. When the swamp is dry, the bad doctors that live in the swamp will disapper along with their organizations, associations, colleges, schools, lawyer buddies, legislators and journalist allies. Canadians can put them all out of business. How?

The first thing a Canadian has to understand is that medicine is not health care and if a Canadian wants to be healthy he or she must not go to the doctor. Doctors know nothing about health. One doctor even suggests that the purpose of medicine is to make people sick. Modern living makes us sick too. We must replace what modern living has removed from living: exercise and nutrition form the foundation of health.

Most people could become healthy, even if they are unwell now. Health can be rebuilt. Canada would need many fewer doctors and only the good ones would be needed. Medical costs would collapse. Health budgets would be slashed. The medical crisis in Canada would disappear. Unemployed doctors could become bricklayers, janitors and street sweepers. They could shovel snow. There is lots of snow in Canada. Some doctors might even become physically fit while digging ditches on the Chain Gang.

Healthy people don't need doctors but sick people do need doctors. They don't need doctors who cheat, lie, torture and kill them. They need doctors who help them. There are such people. If they don't keep quiet and do what they are told, good doctors are persecuted by the bad doctors who run today's medical systems. Isn't that amazing?

Here is one example: If you have cancer, go to Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in Texas. Dr. Mercola says this. There is a growing list of good doctors who cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all the incurable maladies that "modern" pharmaceutical medicine cannot cure. Other doctors prevent disease; they know something about exercise, nutrition, health and wellness. Your first defense against disease is health, not drugs.

What you are doing, Tanya, is drawing attention to the problem. Canadians must understand that they cannot lie around watching hockey games and pharmaceutical ads on TV and go to the doctor when they get sick. They must actively avoid getting sick. If something does happen to them, as something did happen to Jessica, they must actively search for help, as you did yourself for Jessica. The Internet is a wonderful resource that did not exist a few years ago. If necessary, Canadians must leave the country for treatment. Go someplace where your doctor cares about you. Canadians must not listen to Canadian experts who say no. Canadians must not wait for treatment in Canada because it is "free". It is not free. Canadians must stop believing crooks and liars.

 - Morley

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Middle Child said...

Thanks for posting my web page Morley (its Therese here) my Blog name is Middle Child - had it since 2005 - The information you have posted is so disturbing but as we are under a similar system things are about the same here. There have been too few cases seriously taken up against doctors and those were so notorious doctors got nicknames such as Doctor Death (Dr Patel) and The Butcher of Bega (Reeves) but both got light sentences after their butchery and one is out already - There is a group here called the Medical Error Action Group MEAG - that helped me to launch my book but as with many groups like this is voluntary and manned by victims relatives. It appears that unless it affects you or your family people just can not believe that the system will not protect them

Morley Evans said...

You're welcome, Theresa. Thank you for sending your beautiful book all the way from Australia.