Friday, January 18, 2013

Lifting Safely

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by Morley Evans

Okay, okay, I'm a nanny, not a he-man. But I plan to live another sixty years. I won't get there if a heavy weight at the gym falls on me. Prompted to act by Greg yesterday, I did this today.

figure 1
A super-safe Bench Press setup. A ton could fall. I would be untouched.

figure 2
The cotter keys are usually left out by other lifters. They are there for a reason, guys.

figure 3
Barbell Row setup keeps the barbell 18" off the floor which is necessary
when one is a beginner using small weights.

figure 4
A standard Bench Press setup.

figure 5
One and a half inch safety hooks don't make me feel safe. I'll never use this again.

In figure 3, in the mirror you can see Rob pressing 14 forty-five pound plates (623 pounds or 282.59 kilograms) on the Precor® leg press machine. He added to that two 25 pound plates later. In figure 4, you can see Tony's lime green Adidas shoes. None of the babes were working out today when I was there. Stay tuned for some pretty girls (photographed with their permission, of course). They keep me coming back.

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