Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Central Banking Works

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Canada is a mouse that sometimes roars and always has an inflated opinion of itself. Canadians, who have always believed their lying leaders and their stooges in the media, are about to pay the price — come to think of it, Canadians are always paying the price for sleepwalking.


Canadian Housing Edition

How Central Banking Works

“Back in 2009, our hot housing market acted as a life preserver in a sea of economic uncertainty. Now it feels more like a cinder block tied around our necks.”
– Chris Sorensen, “The Great Canadian Real Estate Crash of 2013″, Macleans
Mark Carney, BOC Governor
Canada’s housing market is in the opening phase of a historic collapse. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) sales of existing homes dropped 17.4 percent year-over-year in December, while sales in Vancouver plunged an eyewatering 31 percent in the same period. While prices have held firm so far, it’s only a matter of time before droopy demand leads to an excruciating correction. Sometime in the next 12 months, prices will follow sales down the plughole wiping out a sizable chunk of the equity people were counting on to feather their retirement nesteggs. Despite the media’s braying about a “soft landing”, the sharp decline in sales suggests that Canada will face a catastrophe very similar to the one in the US, the only difference being that Canada will not suffer a financial crisis at the same time. (Mortgages are not securitized in Canada.) . . .

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