Monday, July 26, 2010

Animal Farm

July 25, 2010

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by Morley Evans

I have been taking Carnitor® sold in Canada by Sigma Tau Pharmaceuticals of Scarborough, Ontario. Sigma Tau is an Italian company. It has a U.S. subsidiary and other subsidiaries around the world. Sigma Tau has only a few products. Its lead product is Carnitor® which does not require a prescription anywhere except Canada. Its patent has expired and generics are available, but not in Canada. Canadians are a captive market, thanks to their federal government.

I pay $116 a month for two 4 oz bottles. "No, it is not on the drug plan. You pay full price." I could buy exactly the same thing in the United States for 35% less. I could buy generic Levocarnitine or acetyl Levocarnitine (which is better) for even less. But Canadian customs stops competition at the border "to protect Canadians." I just went though the hoops with and was finally told they can't bring products into Canada from the United States. Their business is shipping products from Canada into the United States. We are talking about exactly the same thing being sold. Despite the Canadian propaganda, not every pharmaceutical drug is cheaper in Canada!

Canada is set up as a farm to benefit a few Big Canadians. Small Canadians get milked and screwed. Canadians think they live in a wonderful country and Canadians do live in a wonderful country, if they are the right Canadians! That is what they mean when Canadian institutions — the government, the bureaucrats, the courts, the press, the schools, the doctors, the cops — say "We protect Canadians."

In Animal Farm, George Orwell said all the animals are equal, except that some of the animals are more equal than others. Tommy Douglas made things even better than they had been before for the privileged classes. He made some of his friends members of the privileged classes. Canadians think Douglas helped the common man. That is not what he did. Douglas made a religion out of "Medicare" so doctors could have their hands in the public pocket along with the pharmaceutical companies which are better protected in Canada than the Mafia. Canada is one of the best countries in the world, but not for the advertised reasons for which it is famous, famous especially to Canadians who believe the lies they are told.

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