Monday, July 12, 2010

Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region

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by Morley Evans

Letter to the Regina Leader-Post

HEALTH REGION RATED SECOND BEST? That would tell us how bad the health care system in Canada really is. But surely the Canadian medical system can't be worse than it is here in Regina. Surely. Regina may have the worst medical system in the world. I was tortured by doctors in Regina for eight years before I went into a coma. It has taken me ten years to recover after a doctor here drilled a hole in my head and saved my life. The Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region has zero quality control. The RQHR excels at ignoring complaints and covering up malpractice and crimes. That is why things look good to people who don't know anything like Dr. Lockhart, the accountant, and to people who are paid to make things look good. I have names, dates and evidence. I know what happened over the last eighteen years and I know who did it and when. Why don't you send one of your so-called investigative journalists to talk to me instead of shoving this letter down the Memory Hole and writing more fairy tales for kiddies? Of course the "study" upon which your story is based was done in Regina, the world capital of invincible smugness, so if you don't call, I'll understand: You own the franchise for fuzzy thinking and self-congratulation. Nothing is too outrageous to be ignored.

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