Monday, July 5, 2010

Secret Societies

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by Morley Evans

A secret society is not a secret as in nobody knows it exists. Many secret societies exist in broad daylight. A secret society is an organization whose members are sworn to secrecy about their activities. Just like doctors! The official purpose of the organization is the opposite of the secret purpose of the organization. Just like doctors! Members of the organization, have advantages over non-members. Just like doctors! Members may even be above the law. Just like doctors!

One doctor told me that he practiced in Pakistan, South Africa, and England before coming to Canada where he had to join the Canadian Medical Protective Association before he could practice medicine, despite already having been licensed to practice medicine in Canada. Malpractice was not a concern in the other countries where he practiced medicine. Compassion was the main concern of doctors elsewhere, he said. Malpractice is an obsession in Canada and in the U.S.

The Canadian Medical Association (which was organized in 1867 on the British trade union model) and its legal attack dog, the Canadian Medical Protective Association, have managed to make it next to impossible to sue a doctor in Canada and impossible to successfully sue, while it has closed all other avenues of quality control and put every Canadian at risk of grievous harm. Not to worry though, in Canada, they bury their mistakes so everything always appears neat and tidy.

Of course criminal charges against anyone can be pursued in Canada for sexual misconduct, real or perceived or just made up.

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