Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh! Canada

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by Morley Evans

Canada is like most countries: Canada is run for the benefit of the people who run the country.

As Allan Blakeney, PC, OC, SOM, QC, FRSC, the NDP Premier of Saskatchewan (1971-1982) once remarked, "You are either on the bus, or you are under its wheels." Canada is unique because Canadians have been persuaded that they are all on the bus. Nope. The bus carries the government, the bureaucrats, the courts, the press, the schools, the doctors, the cops. The bus of State carries the people whose incomes come from the taxpayers. The military is an enforcer of the world-wide Anglo-American empire. Soldiers are sent to kill and to be killed. Soldiers are paid off with a bauble on their chests and are called "heroes" before they are forgotten, buried or discarded. Soldiers are not on the bus. Everyone else pays for the people who are riding on the bus which cruises along over their fleecy bodies and their mutton heads.

Industrialists are on the bus. Industrial workers are not on the bus, but their leaders and their families are!

Were one a resident of Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Brazil, or any other place, one would have no illusions about how things are. Americans are suspicious of the government. The United States produces legions of clear thinkers who criticize the system, for all the good that does. Canada is different. Canada is unique. Australia and New Zealand are similar to Canada, but Canada is the real land of sheep.

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