Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Far From The Truth

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by Morley Evans

Your story would have everyone speaking German soon. That actually is not var vrom ze trut (in Hollywood German), Riaz.

And nicht weit von der Wahrheit in real German.

Before the First World War, the British were very concerned about the German Empire that had been created by Bismarck. The Germans were making better stuff and selling it for less. Twenty-one years after World War I, World War II broke out and the Americans maneuvered Japan to be clobbered. Washington was very concerned about the Japanese: They were making better stuff and selling it for less. Rising from the ashes, the Germans and Japanese were doing well again by 1965. After two world wars plus the Cold War which included Korea, Vietnam and hundreds of little wars, the British Empire is long gone and the American empire may be on its last legs. The Chinese have climbed out of the grave dug for them by the Americans and the Indians are roaring back after the Raj. They are making better stuff and selling it for less. The Iraqis and Afghans today are further demonstrating that using weapons to get what one wants does not work anymore. The Pentagon conceded years ago that both wars were lost, despite having every advantage in money, firepower and technology. (The empire we live in hasn't won a war since 1945, despite all the mischief it has caused "defending freedom.") The formula of imperialism that worked for over a thousand years seems to be broken. The French and the Germans came to a rapprochement sixty years ago. They created the European Union by working together with the other Europeans. As Joe Schlesinger summed it up on CBC, Germany, as Bismarck intended long ago, is at peace and is surrounded by friends — including Great Britain and Russia. Only the Americans have yet to figure it out, but they will: Beating swords into plough shares works.

Fancy that.