Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ashley Smith on the Fifth Estate

© MMX V.1.0.0
by Morley Evans

Dear Hanna Gartner: I watched your program last night. My sister couldn't watch it. She left the room. My sister thinks the idiots who tortured Ashley, drove her nuts and finally killed her should be taken out and shot. These people are more concerned about keeping their jobs (and pensions too, I presume) than caring for someone in their charge. They are not only brainless, they are heartless. It isn't really their fault of course. The problem goes right to the top. If any one of these people, or you, were treated the way they treated Ashley, they would be driven nuts too. Torture? Try sleeping on the floor. Try solitary confinement for three years. Try demands to submit and obey shouted through a steel cell door by the "authority" in charge. Try four or five storm troopers wearing body armour marching into the cell of a helpless girl to put her in shackles. No one had even one kind word for Ashley. No comfort. Nothing. This is not an isolated case. I'm glad you have raised an issue. The criminal justice/mental health system, whatever it is, is a disgrace. THE CANADIAN HEALTH SYSTEM IS WORSE. Call me and find out what they did to me.

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