Sunday, July 18, 2010

They Didn't Make It

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by Morley Evans

Many of my friends and relatives didn't make it after they went to the Pasqua Hospital. I was an exception. I have had an extraordinary experience. Who died? There was my father (cancer), Chris (cancer), Carol, the woman down the block (cancer), Girv (cancer), Tom (cancer), Bob (cancer), Walter (cancer), Merv, the guy across the street (cancer) and Marg, my next door neighbour (cancer). All were pronounced "cancer free" a year before they died of cancer. These are only recent cancer casualties. There are lots more. Cancer treatment is not the only thing they don't do well: My mother had two strokes which they didn't treat at the Pasqua Hospital. But she survived with diminished capacity and I looked after her. Then a few years later, my mother's femur snapped (she had been taking Fosamax for years). She died because they took three days before they got around to her. How would you be if you didn't get any food for three days, were already in shock from a traumatic injury, and they kept you full of morphine? They were busy. Overworked and underpaid they are. In case you didn't know, Fosamax has been directly linked to snapped femurs. It is a side effect Merck did not anticipate. Well, you can't expect them to think of everything before they give it to millions to make billions. Of course nobody is responsible for anything, especially in Regina. If you think Regina's other hospital, the Regina General Hospital, must be better, you would be wrong. It is just as bad. It may be worse. Do not give these people more money. Demand reform.

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