Friday, July 16, 2010

Health Care in Regina

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by Morley Evans

The American health care system is better than ours. When Canadians can afford to escape the Canadian medical system they go to the United States. Saskatchewan has two MRI units, if you don't count the veterinary college in Saskatoon. If you count the Vet's, Saskatchewan has three. North Dakota, which has 2/3 of our population, has ten MRI units all over the State. The only place where Canada has the best health care system in the world is in the minds of Canadians. I have lived in Saskatoon, Flin Flon, Edmonton and Calgary, Vancouver, London England, Kyoto Japan, and Los Angeles. The only place I had a doctor was Regina where bad doctors have almost killed me and good doctors have saved me from what they did. Do I think Regina is particularly bad? I certainly do. A trip to a doctor in Regina is exactly like playing Russian Roulette. You may be lucky. Or you may blow your brains out. The Wall government has done zero to address this. The corruption here is so bad, Hollywood would not believe it.

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Morley Evans said...

People here think everything is fine. It is not fine.